Taking off!

in the beginning...

This literally is the beginning of something new, isn't it always?  As you are reading this, I am attempting to bring something to life.  What will it be?  Who knows, let's take the journey together and turn over some new stones!


As a typical approach to any project, determining the customers needs is sometimes a daunting task.  Laying out the groundwork to any project is an all hands effort to catalog and transcribe the thoughts into something tangible.

Storyboarding is generally a good way to gather the information and put it on paper to see how it will all work together.  Borrowing this methodology from systems like Lean Six Sigma and the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), bringing the concept to life takes some effort.

Once the process starts to take shape, it's easier to manage the particular details that will make it stand out, so feedback is always appreciated and accepted as positive encouragement.

meet me

In my late 30's and looking to finally do something with my life!  Just kidding, after spending 12 years in the United States Marine Corps, I'm putting my education and hobbies into one ball of wax so I can provide something new and exciting to someone else.  Always putting my best foot forward and dedicating myself to whatever project is at hand.

Brandon Chavez

el presidente

Next Steps...

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